Summit Schedule

August 17th - Creating Books

Session 1: Deciding Whether Self-Publishing is Right for You With Brooke Van Sickle

How to Decide if you should self-publish your book, plus the skills all self-publishers need to be successful.

Session 2: How to Find New Ideas to Write about with Katie Pye

Ready to start the writing process? Here are the steps Katie takes when she's ready to start a new book, plus, how you can find new ideas to write about.

Session 3: Working with Editors with Ceeley Mack

Before submitting your book to be published, Ceeley strongly suggests working with an editor. Listen to his tips on the different types of editors to help you choose the right one for you!

Session 4: The 7-Step Process to Write a Children's Book with Maya Sara Karthik

Every book needs to have a story in order to capture readers' hearts. Learn what Maya tips are for creating characters and a setting for your story, plus how to write an interesting read.

August 18th - The Printing Process

Session 1: Using KDP Print and IngramSpark to Publish Children’s Books (And Should You Use their Free ISBNs and Barcodes?)

Author Brigitte Brulz will provide an overview of using KDP Print and IngramSpark to publish your next children’s book. Learn about print-on-demand publishing, expanded distribution, ISBNs and barcodes (and whether or not you should use the free ISBNs provided by KDP Print and IngramSpark), and some additional tips to guide you in the right direction for your publishing journey.

Session 2: Working with an Off-Site Printer with Arielle Haughee

Not an option a lot of authors think about when deciding what kind of printer to use for their books, but Arielle argues about why it might be a great option. Learn what it is and why you might want to try it for your next book!

Session 3: Choosing to use a Hybrid Publisher with Brooke from BiblioKid Publishing

Sometimes you aren't sure you want to publish a book all by yourself, which is where a Hybrid Publisher might be able to help. Learn more about working with a Hybrid to decide if it might be a good fit for you!

Session 4: What to do When You Run into Obstacles with Rinda Beach

Sometimes an illustrator doesn't work out or you experience creative differences. Learn how Rinda overcame 3 lost illustrator contracts and what to do when you encounter your own obstacles.

August 19th - Illustrating Your Book

Session 1: How to Find an Illustrator for Your Book using Kindrling

Trying to find an illustrator can sometimes be the hardest part of self-publishing. A new platform called Kindrling was designed to help this problem! Learn more about the platform with one of the founders.

Session 2: Illustrating Your Book & Becoming an Art Director with Nicholas Roth

No matter if you're illustrating your book yourself or working with a professional, you're going to need to make sure they're done well to tell a story. Learn tips on creating your files plus how to become your own art director.

Session 3: How to Find an Illustrator & Create a Great Working Relationship with Czarina Bernett

It's hard enough to find an illustrator, but sometimes even harder to know if you're going to work well together. Learn Czarina's tips on how to make the connection and ensure you'll make a good team!

Session 4: Writing, Illustrating, & Design for Your Children's Book with Craig Macnaughton

Triple-threat Craig Macnaughton explains his top three tips to create a children's book that encaptures readers. Learn tips to create your own children's book in this session!

August 20th - Book Marketing

Session 1: Creating Your Marketing Plan with Andy Stonehouse

In order to sell your book and find new readers, you need to market. Learn what Andy did for his children's book series and how you can apply the tips to your own marketing strategy!

Session 2: Planning Your Launch with Pre-Orders with Tieska Jumbo

Two of the most important parts of any book launch is collecting pre-orders and getting pre-orders. Learn what Tieska did for her upcoming book and how you can tap into your own network.

Session 3: How to Use Your Self-Published Book for New Opportunities with Dr. Dawn Menge

Dawn has been in the self-publishing world for 10 years now, but she's not just publishing books. Learn what kind of opportunities this has opened for her and what kind of things you might be able to do once you have a book, too.

Session 4: How to Overcome Your Fear of Putting Yourself Out There with Delanda Coleman

Marketing can feel very intimidating to writers, but it doesn't have to be! Learn how Delanda overcame her imposter syndrome and what you can do to plan your next launch!

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